How to register a Virtual Address for your LLC?

Starting a new business may be a very stressful experience. You must create a company strategy, acquire industry experts and advisors, hire qualified staff, and find a suitable site. You must have spent a lot of money by the time you’ve finished all of this.

However, you should not overlook the administrative aspect of your business, which is the formation of your Limited Liability Company (LLC), which is critical to the success of your startup.

You may be asking if a physical address is required before forming an LLC. If you are forming an LLC, a corporation, or a Limited Liability Partnership, you must have a registered agent address.

This article will walk you through the process of creating a virtual address for your LLC. Let’s get going!

What is a Virtual Address?

A virtual address is a mail address that you may rent that is located wherever you choose and where you can receive postal mail and bundles. A virtual business address is a less expensive choice than leasing office space to register a company or LLC.

What is the distinction between a business address and a registered agent address?

Your LLC must have a business address as well as a registered agent address.

If you’re new to the business, the distinction between a company address and a registered agent address may be perplexing. Are they the same thing? What are the distinctions between them? Which is more significant? These are just a few of the many things you may be asking yourself. Here are your responses!

A business address is used to identify your permanent location. It is the address from where your company operates or from which it may be reached.

A registered agent, on the other hand, is an individual or firm that has been formed to accept the service of processing paperwork for your business entity, such as an LLC or a corporation.

They also serve as your principal point of contact with the secretary of state and can receive official government notifications such as tax forms and compliance information on your behalf. Every LLC or corporation in every state is required to have one. The registered agent might be either an individual or a corporation.

In summary, a registered agent address and a company address are not the same things. A registered agent is a person or corporation who is designated to receive significant litigation and government papers. A business address is simply the main place where a firm works or can be accessed.

What is the best type of business address for your LLC?

For your LLC, a virtual business address is an ideal option. A virtual address is a genuine street address combined with a business P.O. box where you may receive goods and mail.

There are other virtual address providers, but PostScan Mail is without a doubt the finest. They have approximately 400 street addresses in the United States and other nations.

An extra benefit is that these addresses are in major commercial locations, promoting your business and placing you on par with larger businesses.

If you choose a virtual business address for your LLC, all of your mail will be opened, scanned, and uploaded to your online mailbox, which you can access from the convenience of your own home or workplace. You may also submit requests such as open and scan, forward, archive, shred, or recycle.

A virtual business address will allow you to manage critical business correspondence in real-time. You may also use the address on your website and social media sites.

Other Benefits of Virtual Address for your LLC:

  1. Economical

It is critical to maintaining costs as low as possible when launching a new firm. You may save money by using a virtual address instead than renting and setting up an office or hiring an employee.

  1. Credibility

Having a virtual address in a prominent city like New York or Miami might make a positive impression on your consumers. Unlike a residential address, which may turn off certain clients.

  1. Privacy

You may not want to use your home address as your LLC’s mailing address. Because your residential address will be exposed on directories, your website, social media handles, and other marketing platforms, using it is like exposing your location to all company elements.

How Do You Create a Virtual Business Address for Your LLC?

Step 1: Choose an actual street address in your desired area and a plan that works for you. Contact PostScan Mail to check that the address you’ve chosen is suitable for company registration.

Step 2: Complete the USPS Form 1583, which authorizes a third-party CMRA to accept your mail and parcels. You must notarize the form and mail it to PostScan Mail with two kinds of identification.

Step 3: Start receiving mail! Once your virtual address is established, you may begin receiving mail at your new address and using it as your company address. Apply for a change of address and notify your contacts of your new address.


A US Virtual Address is the most appropriate type of address for an LLC. It’s inexpensive, private, allows you to read your emails from anywhere, and puts you on par with major rivals.

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