EIN Number (Federal Tax ID)

Get fastest EIN approval even without SSN/ITIN with fax copyt of EIN verification letter i.e. 147C.

USA Company Registration

Register US company as a non-resident knowing that your company is 100% compliant with US laws.

US Business Bank Account

Receive payments in USD from global customers as domestic business.

US Business Address

Want a real street US address with authority for your business? Choose in any state.

US LLC Registration

Get your US company registration done in any US state with 100% guarantee.

DBA (Trade Name) Registration

Want to branch out your niche? Get a DBA (Trade Name) and trade under same company.

US Payment Gateway

Accept payment on your website or payment link from your customers & get USD in your account.

Sales Tax/Reseller Certificate

Get exemption from collection & filing of sales tax in any state as a reseller

Annual Filing & Compliances

You can never miss your annual compliances & filing deadline with Koshika.

ITIN for Non-Residents

Get guaranteed ITIN approval with faster turn around time & minimum documentation.