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We are a team of experienced CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Certifying Acceptance Agents and Certified tax preparers with immense knowledge and up to date information about IRS tax rules. We make sure that your taxes are done just right and minimize your tax liabilities by educating you about various expenditure heads which may be applicable in your case.

There are a lot of US tax preparers available online for individual returns but onl y a few of them have the knowledge and expertise in handling the tax returns of the businesses owned by non-residents.

Affordable and transparent pricing.
Free tax consultation as per individual tax situation.
Tailored solutions & customized pricing as per business transactions volume.
Preparation of all required statements and balance sheet for small firms and start ups who cant afford full time accountant.
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Single Member LLC

Single member LLCs owned by non-residents are by default treated as Disregarded Entities for tax purpose by the IRS. Which means that single member LLCs are exempted from reporting details about the the business but only overview (proforma) tax filing. 

Forms Used by Single Member LLCs

  • 1120 Proforma
  • 5472

Method of tax Preparation & Filing

Paper returns as 5472 for businesses can be very rarely e-filed. 

Corporation Tax Implications:

As corporations are a separate legal entity from its owners or shareholders, every corporation (except S-Corporations) is subjected to federal corporate tax & state taxes (as applicable in respective states).

After corporate tax filed by the company, shareholders/owners are subjected to individual taxes on the dividend income they make from the company.

Forms Used by Single Member LLCs

  • 1120 with applicable schedules
  • 5472 for every shareholder

Method of tax Preparation & Filing

Paper returns as 5472 for businesses can be very rarely e-filed. 

Individuals are subjected to US taxes on the basis of they residency and source of income.

For business owners specially those who are partners in a multi member LLC or shareholders of a US Corporation are required to get their individual ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) & file their taxes as per the income tax slab applicable to them.

Forms Used by Single Member LLCs

  • 1040NR with applicable schedules
  • 5472 for every partner/shareholder if income is from a US business.

Method of tax Preparation & Filing

Though 1040NR can now be efiled but since 5472 for businesses can be very rarely e-filed, ideally all the returns should be paper filed by mailing to the IRS.

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US Tax Filing

Why get your US Tax filing Services through Koshika LLC?
Because we work with IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA)s

A CAA is officially authorized, trained, and approved by the IRS to process ITINs.
This level of expertise makes your application less likely to be rejected and you can rest assured that your application is in good hands.
100% Money Back Guarantee

That's right. If there are any issues submitting your ITIN application you receive a full refund. It's risk-free for you.

Open a U.S. PayPal Account

Every business requires payment. And PayPal is a hugely popular option for which in the U.S. SSN or ITIN number is required. Let us get your ITIN so you can start collecting money on PayPal and grow your business.

Avoid A Rejected Application

We have submitted and received hundreds of ITINs for customers around the world. Do not waste your time submitting the application only to find that the application was filled incorrectly.

We Support U.S. Residents and Non-Residents without an SSN

Unlike other companies, we support U.S. and foreign founders. If you don't have an SSN, we will still help you get your ITIN. And if you have an SSN? Fantastic! We can help you as well.

Get Help From a Professional

Questions about your ITIN? Are there concerns about a specific part of the application? Instead of going down the Google rabbit hole reading old articles, let a professional help you.

File Your U.S. Tax Return

your US Depending on the filing requirements, an ITIN may be required. We'll help you get your ITIN so you can avoid the hassle of the IRS.


Frequently Asked Questions about US Taxation

You can apply for ITIN along with tax return. Please send us the relevant documents and schedule an appointment for more details.

Company Chamber mails your ITIN application and supporting documentation to the IRS. The IRS will review the application, and issue the Individual Taxpayer ID Number; this process takes a minimum of 12 weeks to 16 weeks. The IRS will send a letter to USC containing your new ITIN, which will be forwarded to your local address.

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